Intarsia-in-the-Round Yarn Over Method

with this method you will knit back and forth as you would with flat knitting, making a join at the turn so you're still working in the round. Mastering the join is what makes the difference and it's really quite simple.

An easy way to make the join is using the yo method. Make the yo after making the turn, but on what would be the "next" needle (the needle to your right, after the work has been turned -- assuming you’re right-handed).

  • Work the last stitch of the round

  • Turn your work, so you're now on the "other" side (inside or out, depending on your last row)

  • Make a yo, which will be knitted along with the last stitch on the next round and will create the join.

yarn over method--

  • When the new row will be worked from the purl side, pull the yarn over the front of the needle then around and under the back before making the first purl stitch on the new row.

  • When the new row will be worked from the knit side, pull the yarn behind the back of the needle then up and over the front and under the needle before making the first knit stitch on the new row.

When you finally work the yo and last stitch at the end of the next round (either k2tog TBL or p2tog depending on which side is facing), be sure to tug gently on the working yarn so the seam is snug.

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