paper art/cards/books/stationary
Collage Impressions ***KEEPSAKES***  Beautiful artistic collage can utilize your prized possessions that are mostly kept in safe spots and never seen.  Ticket stubs, a favorite hanky, a postcard, a stamp...mementos from a special family member.  Let me assemble these items, with your direction, and add special touches to make a lasting piece of art to frame.  Not only can I create personal collages, but also artistic collages made with all sorts of 'found' and interesting objects.  "Truly a work of art..."
Personalized Address Labels and Stationery by Heartland Paper Prodducks   All types of labels and stationery.  This is the place if you love country!
Jessica H. Sadlier Design Studio Unique contemporary adornments for your body and home.  Paper & Fiber Arts - handmade boxes, books, stationery, pins, fabric origami and original artwork
Katie's Cow's and Udder Things Handpainted items and elegant qulling turns the ordinary into the extrordinary creating unique and one-of-a-kind cherishable and treasured keepsakes.

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